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The newest XCortech chronograph the X3500 is a result of 10 years of accumulated experience in the field. The X3500 provides easy to use, high accuracy, wide shot area with Statistical Analysis of shots. X3500 is a re-design from the ever popular X3200 and has been enhanced with wireless technology (for the detachable screen unit), shot memory, external power input and auto rotating screen.

Velocity range (approx.): 90-1200+fps / 30-400+mps

Rate of fire range: 100-6000rpm

Auto Power Off: 5 - 10 - 30 - 60 minutes (display unit)
Auto Power Off: 1 minutes after the display unit has been switched off (main unit)

Power: 2x AA batteries main unit + 2x AAA batteries display unit (not included)
Weight: 0.20kg

Xcortech Advanced X3500

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