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ICS Plastic M4 Version
Hop-Up: same as ICS metal version hop up. Adjustable hop-up
Firing Rate: Firing rate depends on battery voltage and spring setting
Battery: compatible with 8.4 v/9.6v (Type 03) (Type 04) (Type 13) 7.4v Li-Po (Type 20) (not Included)
Weight : around 2500 kg ~ 3000kg
Mag Pellet Capacity: 300 rounds
Body material : plastic 
Outer barrel material : same as ICS metal version, metal
RIS material: same as ICS metal version, metal
stock material : same as ICS metal version, metal or plastic
carry handle material : Plastic 
Unique Serial Numbered Body: Yes
Metal Bearings : Yes
High Quality Silicone Wiring System: Yes
Hot-Swap Gearbox Design (Change your upper gearbox (main spring & piston) in under 5 minutes!) :Same as ICS metal version, Metal split gear box Working forward assist knob (releaves strain on gears after use):Yes

ICS (Clear Plastic) M4A1 Fixed Stubby Stock Airsof

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