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The L128A1 Combat shotgun is used by the British army for CQB and point duties, a 12 gauge shotgun with a 7+1 capacity, the Combat shotgun gives an operator devastating firepower at close to medium range. A range of ammunition can be used from buckshot through to slug rounds, allowing for flexibility under fire. Perfect for point duties. The L128A1 is supplied to the British Army by Benelli, It is also known outside of military circles as the M4 Super90.

The L128A1 comes with a Mil-spec 20mm picatiny mount on the top of the reciever, which is usually paired with an Eotech dot sight. To the rear is a three position adjustable but stock. Iron sights at the front complete the package.

Double Eagle - L128A1 - Tri-Shot Combat Shotgun

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