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Extremely versatile, high quality design, with the following features:

Charges 2 - 3 cell Lipo (lithium polymer) battery packs (7.4V - 11.1V) at 1,000mA.
Charges 2 - 3 cell LiFe (lithium ferrite) battery packs (6.6V - 9.9V) at 1,500mA
Automatically switches off once battery is charged
Supplied with external 12V dc 2A mains power supply.
Simple operation.

Red light shows power connected.
Flashing green light shows battery charging
Static green light shows charging complete.
Red & green light flashing shows error - incorrect battery type / too low voltage etc.
Supplied with our own (written in English!) instructions.

1000mA & 1500mA Li-po/Li-Fe charger

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